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Direct Support Professional
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Duties and Responsibilities:

Direct Support Professional (DSP) will serve as a direct care worker
having direct responsibility for guidance and supervision of the
individuals to whom he/she is assigned who have been diagnosed
with Intellectual Disability, Mental Illness, or dually diagnosed;
oversee physical care; development of acceptable habits and
attitudes; management of individual behavior; helping to achieve
desired outcomes of individual support plans; ensuring the daily
needs of Individual(s) are properly met, escorting Individual(s) to and
from training and community activities as assigned; providing direct
supervision and guidance to ensure safety and welfare of
Individual(s); do a head count at the beginning, ending and
periodically throughout the day to ensure presence and well-being of
assigned Individual(s); follows established procedures to report
change/concerns to appropriate persons; observes Individual(s) daily
for behavioral changes, physical injuries/conditions and cleanliness;
completes data collection in accordance with Individual Support Plan
(ISP); participates in Individual Support Plan meeting; performs
required housekeeping duties in order to maintain a clean, safe and
orderly environment; participates in staff meetings and in-service
training as assigned; plans and implements special activities;
completes special projects and other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of the some of the characteristics and concepts of
intellectual disability, mental health, health disorders and related
physical conditions and treatment approaches.  Knowledge of simple
nursing care, first-aid, behavior management, personal and
environmental hygiene.  Ability to implement and follow the policies
and procedures of the department, facility or service entity.  Ability to
engage in the care, training and rehabilitation of physically and
intellectually disabled clients.  Ability to provide basic nursing care,
personal care and hygiene.  Ability to perform established training,
care and programmatic activities.  Ability to teach clients eating,
bathing, dressing, grooming and other self care skills.  Ability to
participate with professional staff in the design and implementation of
training and programmatic activities.  Ability to observe the rights  and
personal dignity of others.  Ability to observe, record and report
Individuals behavior, attitude and physical condition.  Ability to
perform simple math and communicate effectively, both orally and
written.  Ability to maintain effective working relationships with
Individuals and other employees.

Minimum Qualifications/Training:

Good oral and written communication skills. Possess caring and
positive attitude: enjoys working with all people; one year of full-time
or equivalent part-time paid or volunteer experience in the care,
training, rehabilitation and development of the intellectually disabled,
developmentally disabled, physically challenged or mentally ill.  
Experience preferred, if  no experience, the employee must complete
90 hours on the job training.  Possession of a good driving record, is
preferred;  is at least 23 years old with a high school diploma or GED.